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Roy Goff

Principal of Funding and Portfolio Non-Executive Chairman

Roy joins the team as a Non-Executive Chairman who is available either on a monthly retainer or day rate basis.

Roy mentors companies and their boards in strategy, finance and developing their infrastructures to allow for previously agreed planned growth; in addition to instilling best practise discipline and creating a commercial, non-political culture.

A serial entrepreneur, business man and former merchant banker in the USA, Roy brings significant commercial experience to our team. Having now returned to Europe, he retains excellent commercial and personal relationships from around the western world.

Company restructuring, acquisitions, project development and deal making are Roy’s bailiwick, affording the existing directors and company principals the outsourced ability to develop new markets, projects, without distraction from their core business responsibilities.

With over forty years in the business world; Roy has obtained a personal reputation as “the man to call”, when a situation, challenge or problem manifests in either a business or private matter. His wealth of contacts and indeed influence across many sectors underscores his practical and commercial knowledge.