Understand Business

Need to separate fact from fiction?

Data is useless if it doesn’t help you make decisions.

If we can be blunt for a moment, there’s too much data in our lives these days. We know how far we’ve walked, how much sleep we got last night, how that slice of chocolate cake has affected our weight, how quickly someone read our last message...

It’s exhausting – and that’s just what we see in our phones every morning. Our businesses are infinitely more complex: producing vast reams of data, all and any of which needs dissecting and understanding in relation to everything else.

In the words of a famous bear, ‘What to do? What to do?’

Build a filter, a fortress: a base of operations from which to oversee anything everything. Capture the data. Learn how it works, how its moves. Find the patterns. Crack the code and translate the savagery of raw numbers into something you can understand and act upon.

In other words: build a model –  a repository for every scrap of data and a powerhouse for calculating what it all means. Better still, build a model which can simulate the results of any given decision. Look into the future, and plan accordingly.

Your business model should be like your favourite suit. Tailored. Hand-crafted. Made for you and you alone. With it, you can walk into the boardroom with your head held high –you’ve got your armour on.

We are the armourers. We measure, we make, and we give you the confidence that every decision is the best decision.  We build the armour: you take charge.

What is Business and Financial Modelling?

A bespoke presentation of business data and relationships to provide clear insights into the drivers of business performance.

Q: I have never heard of Business & Financial Modelling before - it all sounds very complicated?

A: We make it easy to understand and use.  Because a picture paints a thousand words, why not see it in action?  There is no charge, we can share our computer screen with yours.  You need no special equipment, just the right people looking at the same screen.

Q: I have a Business & Financial Model. Why should I consider your solution?

A: You will never know if we can improve on what you have got unless you witness what we do.  Ask yourself, does your solution have integrated simulation?  Does it integrate with KPI reports, and with financial reporting tools?  Can yours integrate and manipulate data from other sources?  Does yours include Power BI and point and click self service Business Intelligence options? Let us show you with a free video consultation.

Q: What is the difference between financial accounts and financial forecasts and Business & Financial Modelling?

A: Business & Financial Modelling will tell you where your business is going, what it needs for the journey, what the destination might look like, what instruments are needed to measure progress, what could happen if the business needs to change course, what the chances are of something going wrong and if it does, know what to do to maximise profits. In short, financial accounts or forecasts are based of historical information and data, our solutions measure operational performance.

What is Business & Financial Modelling Simulation?

Business & Financial Modelling Simulation uses advanced software to embed mathematical algorithms that deliver a quantitative analysis.  This highlights the sensitive areas within the business and leads to better informed decisions.

Q: Are you saying that this is the starting point?

A: Yes. 

Q: Should Business & Financial Modelling always include simulation?

A: In our view, yes.  Simulation automates the discovery of sensitive areas of the model.  Often this throws up sensitivities that have never before been considered, measured or managed.

Q: Again, how does this differ from a forecast?

A:  In short, financial accounts or forecasts are based of historical information and data, our solutions measure operational performance and uses the simulations to identify the sensitive areas which should receive the most attention.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) is a suite of powerful business analytics tools that can be programmed to automatically combine and analyse many sources of data to put a "thumbprint" on the business and share insights with decision makers.

Q: How does this benefit a company that uses Business & Financial Modelling?

BI dashboards provide a 360 degree view of a business that shows their most important metrics in one place.  There are many additional benefits, including real time updates. availability across all devices, and allowing users to click to explore the levels of information behind the dashboard. Instant, easy and intuitive.


Q: How else might BI benefit my business?

Reporting tools based on BI software allow the integration and manipulation of data from multiple sources all combined into powerful and intuitive reporting across multiple devices.

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