Understand Business

Do you need the skills of a Finance Director without the addition to the payroll?

Our Mobile FD service is the solution. You'll have access to an industry-leading Finance Director on an interim or part time basis. They'll be your eyes and ears: revealing what’s working, what’s not, and how best to move forward.

Your Mobile FD is part of the wider Understand Business network – a diverse collection of experts who provide the kind of due diligence you deserve. When your Mobile FD makes a recommendation, you know it's the best possible option.

It's easier to keep the boulder rolling than it is to get it started. Once we've triple-checked that everything is in place, we'll become your long-term guide – looking in every so often to keep you on the right track.

Growth & Development

We Will:

  • Help you create a vision for the future, then design the roadmap to get you there.
  • Give you unparalleled situational awareness with advanced financial modelling – you'll see the truth at every level of your operation.
  • Let you see into the future as you make the big decisions, using operational and forecasting models.
  • Lift the fog from your day-to-day: a Mobile FD values the truth above all, and you'll get an honest answer to every question.
  • Manage the results for as long as you need: your Mobile FD is a resource for life.


Key Steps:

  • Take control – implement robust analysis tools and strengthen communication.
  • See the big picture – filter your most valuable customers, products, and services out from the ones costing you money.
  • Understand – examine your costs and simplify your processes.
  • Empower – help your team do their best work with transparent tracking and reporting.
  • Build the future  – invest in key areas to ensure future stability.

Modelling & Analysis

Know More:

  • comprehensive overview of your business, which covers every aspect of its operation.
  • Use operational, rather than historical, data in your forecasts.
  • Collect relevant and empirical information to measure your progress.
  • Trusted models which show you the value of expected events and actions
  • Simple methods for understanding the activity of each department.
  • An instantly-available and easy-to-understand dashboard.

Want to know more? Give us a call on 0800 108 8180 or drop us a line.